Keep your Pets Happy and Healthy this Holiday

Decorate your home while keeping pets safe!

The holiday season is a wonderful time where friends and family come together and celebrate; but with all the hustle and bustle this time of year brings, it is easy to forget about pets! With Christmas trees, decorations and all sorts of holiday treats, the winter season can be a dangerous one for dogs and other animals.

So what are some hidden hazards that most don’t think about when decorating?

Tree Water: There is something to be said about a real tree—the smell is amazing and it brings another level of cheer into a home, but did you know that these trees are typically coated with pesticides and other chemicals to make them last longer? These chemicals leech into the water at the base of tree and can be transferred to your pet if he or she drinks it.

Christmas Lights: I don’t know about your animals, but my puppy’s favorite thing to chew on right now is cords. While it’s easy to keep laptop plugs and power cords away from animals, trees and other parts of your house are much more difficult to hide and those sparkly lights attached make them even more appealing. Exposed wire on old string lights, glass bulbs, broken bulbs and plugs can be very dangerous.

Ornaments: Bright decorations don’t only attract our eye, these magnificent shiny toys also appeal to your pets! Most curious animals feel the need to try to eat every new thing they encounter. When swallowed, tinsel can cause blockages in the intestines, beaded garlands can be a choking hazard, and glass ornaments can break and injure the inside of the mouth and digestive system.

Holiday Plants: Poinsettias, Holly, Mistletoe, Amaryllis; almost all of the popular holiday plants are poisonous to pets.

With all these potential risks, decorating can be tricky but don’t give up! 1004085_10203010694173916_1473673809_nThere are ways to protect your animals while having a festive home. First off, the most important tip is to pet proof your Christmas tree: make the water inaccessible, secure your tree to the wall so cats or other playful pets can’t knock it over, if possible put a barrier around your tree to completely block it from your animals. Keep other Holiday plants in an area where they can’t be reached, such as out front of your house. Use ornaments that are non-toxic and difficult to break. Christmas lights should never be left on when you’re not in the room and when turned off the cords should be completely unplugged from the wall.

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